About US

SHEERAJ PROJECTS PRIVATE LIMITED is an Infrastructure Development Private Limited Company. Incorporated in 2016, SHEERAJ took its name from its founders Sheela and Rajender Pannu ji. Wedded to the idea of hard work, perseverance, empathy, and compassion, the founders have always been a guiding light in our pursuit of excellence.

Initially, we began our journey with the construction of roads and soon, we made a huge headway into highways, bridges, and canal augmentation projects as well. All of our projects have been successfully executed while maintaining impeccable standards. Our personnel have experience of working in all terrains, empowering us to execute all kinds of infrastructure projects across the nation. Further, we have effective and conforming SOPs also. In addition to our extensive workforce and SOPs, we have state of the art machinery that equips us with the latest technology to deliver our best. We have successfully been concluding 10 billion worth of infrastructure projects in a short period of time in the remotest places of our country, making us a force to be reckoned with.

At Sheeraj, we intend to expand our wings to the fullest and take up infrastructure projects like runway, power, tunnel, etc in the foreseeable future. Additionally, we plan to integrate more and more innovative technology in both software and hardware as well as train our engineers and managers to have healthy competition so that we can all be more efficient and effective in our operations. Moreover, keeping in view the impact infrastructural projects can have on the environment, we have also begun to work towards sustainable solutions for all our projects.

We owe our success to integrity, grit, proactiveness, knowledge and strong pro-employee human resource policies which set us apart from other civil engineering companies. We have earned the bona fide trust of our clients by completing the projects timely with quality and efficiency. And we aspire to continue our efforts in building the roads and connecting people to build our nation.